Projects Guided

S. No Name of the Students year Project Title
 1 Tamilkani B 2006-2008 A modern technique for DTC of Induction Motor
 2 Kirshnan S 2007-2009 Speed control of induction motor using direct torque control
 3 Rathinam.A. 2008-2010 Flying capacitor multilevel Inverter
 4 Govindarajan.N 2008-2010 New hybrid multilevel inverter fed induction motor
 5 Ashok kumar G 2010-2011 Analysis of speed control of Brushless DC Motor
 6 Murugesan 2010-2011 Cascaded and Hybrid Multilevel Inverters with Reduced Number of Switches for Induction Motor
 7 Sujitha.N 2011-2012 A Genetic Algorithm based Hybrid H-Bridge Cascaded Multilevel Inverter
 8 Kiruba Samuel CS 2011-2012 Multilevel Inverter Control for Wind-Photovoltaic Generation System
 9 Shanmugapriyan S 2012-2013 Implementation of closed loop system for flying capacitor multilevel inverter with stand alone PV input
 10 Venus V 2012-2013 Implementation of Closed Loop System for Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter with Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Input
 11 Shanmugavel D 2013-2014 Implementation of renewable energy based multilevel inverter for commercial applications
 12 Satheeswaran K 2013-2014 Photovoltaic based modified hybrid multilevel inverter with induction motor
 13 Kiruthika P 2013-2014 Speed Control Of Induction Motor In Cement Industry
 14 Arunkumar S 2013-2014 PV Based Inverter Fed Drives
 15 Kiruthika.P 2014-2015 Cascaded multilevel inverter with optimization techniques
 16 Suresh Kumar.M 2014-2015 Implementation Of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Selective Harmonic Elimination Strategy In Multilevel Inverter
 17 Ramuvel  M 2010 Analysis of inverter fed induction motor
UG Projects at KSRCT, Tamilnadu, INDIA
 1 Nicky Augustine
Ramesh Kannan.M
Renji Chacko
2007 SMS based patient monitoring system
 2 T.Dinesh
V.K.Sathish Kumar
2008 Speed Control of Induction Motor using DTC
 3 Anbarasan.T
Gokul Anand.A.S
2009 Induction Motor Drive using Impedance Source Inverter
 4 Arun K
Dhivya PS
Jayanthi M
Krthikeyan P
2010 Wireless automated irrigation system using field sensors
 5 Santhosh.M
2013 Performance analysis of multilevel inverter for renewable energy source